Fetch posts sorted by date


Api version 0.1

My query has a filter looking like this

But the posts returned are not ordered by published_at, they seem ordered by random.

How can I get ordered by published_at?

Without the filter they are returned sorted by published_at

Hi @banana_303 :wave: Sounds like a regression to me, will be able to have a closer look into it on Monday. In a meanwhile, could you provide a bit more context around what version of Ghost and environment/configuration you are using? Did you try running similar queries against Content/Admin v2 APIs?


We are using a Docker container with node:10-slim

Tried also v2 api:

And url encoding the tags:

@banana_303 have you tried specifying an explicit order parameter? https://docs.ghost.org/api/content/#order

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Oh, didn’t know you could add that. It works! :smiley: Super, thank you!

I added this at the end of my url.

After some investigation came across this issue - https://github.com/TryGhost/Ghost/issues/10377 , so my conclusion is that that this is intended default behavior of Ghost when including filter for related object. Comes down to this line in code.