Filtered Searching - Possible?

I’d like to filter searches (by tag/collection). I’ve looked through most of the revelant docs (linked below) but can’t see a way to apply a filter to a search.

Essentially: “#/search&filter=tag:recipes/” but I assume filtering only applies to api calls.

Is there a way to only show search results from the current sub-blog/collection?

I’m comfortable editing themes/routing/css if someone can point me in the right direction

example usecase: multiple interests (eg. recipes, sport, finance, etc) - users shouldn’t see recipes when searching from

relevant docs:
Ghost Theme Development: Adding search to a theme

Thanks to all the devs for the work put into Ghost, I’ve only been setting it up for a week but it looks and feels great & supporting Open Source & Selfhosting is really appreciated.

Advanced filtering isn’t possible with Ghost’s current version of native search. But Ghost is flexible, so you could implement your own search version that has advanced filtering abilities. However, you’ll need to implement some custom code to get it working.

Unable to open this, a 404 error appears.
Ghost doesn’t support advanced filters, whenever I have to search for something just I type and go through it deeply.