Filtering on authors attributes

can we filter on authors objects ?
I can get all authors with {{#get "authors" limit="all"}}
I can also get a specific author with his ID {{#get "authors" limit="all" filter="id:1"}}
But now, I cannot filter on location for example such as {{#get "authors" limit="all" filter="location:internal"}}

According to the documentation there are several attributes but I do not understand how to use them in a filter.

Any idea ?

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Make sure your location name is correct which you used for the author’s location field. For example, if you want to get all the users who is from “London”, then use the following code,

{{#get "authors" limit="all" filter="location:London" }}          
{{#foreach authors}}	
<h1> {{name}}</h1>

** Filter is case sensetive

This is what I did but unfortunately it doesn’t work that’s why i’m asking to myself if all attributes are compatible with filtering!
{{#get "authors" limit="all" filter="location:test" }}