Font problem. When creating an article, the title font is very large and incomprehensible

Hi all! Guys, please tell me how to change the font for articles?

We’ll need some more info to help you. :smile:

Fonts and font sizes are controlled by your theme.

Which theme are you using? Do you have a link to your site where this is happening?

Here is a link to the article. The fact is that when creating an article, the font is displayed one, when publishing it is already different

The font displayed in the editor and in the published post will be different. (You can always preview your post to see what it’ll look like.) As mentioned, the fonts used in your published post depend on the theme that you’re using.

The sizing looked good to me :smile:

How do you know which theme is being used?

Go to SettingsDesign. Look in the bottom left corner. It’ll say, "Current theme: " with your theme name.

Thank you very much! And please tell me about the Ghost update. I wrote on the forum, but my problem could not be solved