Force images resize / as the project was imported from WordPress

I’m setting up a new client. He have about 5 GB of images. As you can guess many are huge 10 MB files …

It would be nice to have way to force image resize. I guess this would be done using the ghost cli.

Since they’re done on-demand, you can loop over all the images / sizes to generate them ahead of time


for every image:
  for every size:
    make a request to http://localhost:2368/content/images/size/w{width}/path/to/image.ext
    after the request completes, wait for 200ms (to reduce load)
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That sounds interesting!

So I tried with a site in production and I got redirected to the original image. On the server, the directory size is not being created.

The sizes have to be configured in your theme’s package.json

Oh I see now. My clients does not use the responsive images flags in its theme then. Thank you very much !!