Format problem with embedded Youtube video

Hi there,

For this blog article, , the embedded Youtube video is not displayed correctly in the final published post. It can be played but its icon is too small and not automatically resized to the width of the device screen (either on Chrome browser on MacBook Pro or on Safari browser on iPhone 12 Max). Could you help me find out what’s wrong here and how to fix it? Here’s the screenshot:

The annoying thing is, when I was editing the post, it’s displayed correctly (ie. the width of the Youtube video is resized automatically to match the width of the screen), like this:

I’m selfing-hosting Ghost on a Linode VM, using Ghost V4.1.2.

Let me know if any more info is needed to diagnose the issue. Much appreciated for your help.

This has happend to me too, with some themes. It usually works if I put the videon in an iframe. I know it’s not a solution but maybe an acceptable workaround?