Fully remove background card in casper theme

I have html and css injection code that gives me a dynamic moving background, however the card thing is making the blog look… not great, any help?
here is what I mean

another thing that would be amazing is figuring out how to get the accent color

Any chance you can share a link to your site? Just based on the screenshot it’s a bit hard to figure out what specifically you mean :smiley:

And in regards to the accent color: it’s available through the --ghost-accent-color variable, so you can use it like this, for example:

body {
  background-color: var(--ghost-accent-color)

Loglotdev.ghost.io, there is a 20 character minimum as well

Here we go:

.site-header-content {
    background: none;

Tested it in the Chrome dev tools and it should work :slight_smile:

The issue still persists on my end

Then the CSS specificity isn’t correct yet – looks like something in the theme is still overriding it. But you can add an !important and it should work:

.site-header-content {
    background: none!important;

thank you so much! this worked!


quick question, how would i make this slightly transparent with something like rgba?

What specifically do you want to make transparent?

I have a semi transparent black div in the background that blurs the background a bit, I want to be able to make that have the accent colot

The --ghost-accent-color variable is not an rgba colour, unfortunately. So, you can either try to convert that from a hex to rgba. Or you can play with the opacity property of your div, but that would obviously also affect the content.