Future of Ghost Dynamic routing (.yaml file)

  • What version of Ghost are you using? latest (2.2?)
  • What configuration? Ubuntu 18.04 Nginx

Hello, I would like to modify the .yaml routes file for a pretty big project.
Is it risky to use this option (labs) considering that I would have more than 1000 pages? And that I will never want to change URLs in the future.
It may not be worth it as I would simply add an id in the url to avoid conflicts.

Hi @Doubrovski! There is no plan to remove routes.yaml support (aka Dynamic Routing) in current Ghost 2 version and there are no planned changes to it in Ghost v3 yet, so wouldn’t worry about using this feature. At least for this and next year v2 will be supported as is this feature :wink: Additionally, Ghost team usually does a good job providing migration path when there’s a breaking change!

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Thanks for your advice ! I will use the .yaml file ^^