Gatsby + Netlify + Ghost


I’m looking for help setting up a Gatsby + Netlify + Ghost installation and am hoping the community are able to help.

I’m following the guide at:

But I’m clearly missing some fundamental knowledge - where do I install ghost? I can get a local server running on http://localhost:2368/ but then I can’t seem to get the apiUrl or contentApikey from my custom integration to work with the Netlify build. Plus local server isn’t really what I want if I want to edit from multiple computers right?

Am I best to set up a fresh DigitalOcean droplet with ghost 3.0, create the integration on the ghost install there, change my .ghost.json file to reflect the new apiUrl and contentApikey then get netlify to build this new site? Or is the DigitalOcean hosting not required in this case?

Thanks very much for your help!

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That’s exactly right! You can also sign up for managed Ghost hosting from somewhere like Ghost (Pro) so you don’t have to handle the server management aspect of Ghost :slight_smile: