`{{#get "posts" limit="all"}}` returns nothing


When get is added ahead of the loop, nothing is returned in the template. It should be noted that the query already has a tag filter applied in routes.yml as part of a collection.

  {{#get "posts" limit="all"}}
    {{#foreach posts}}

        {{> photoitem}}



I assume that you are using v0.1 API and the public API is disabled. Your server log will tell you.
I recommend using the Content API v2.


I’m using the latest docker image. Does it use v0.1 or v2?


  "engines": {
    "node": "^6.9.0 || ^8.9.0 || ^10.13.0",
    "cli": "^1.9.0"


Later realized the docs are about the package.json file in the theme, not Ghost core.

The theme’s package.json has been updated to v2 of the API.

    "engines": {
        "ghost": ">=2.0.0",
        "ghost-api": "v2"

Docker was restarted and the theme reloaded. For some reason, the result is the same.

Interestingly changing config.posts_per_page also appears to have no effect. The version also isn’t reflected in Ghost admin (just shows 1.0). Could it be that it’s not being properly loaded by ghost?


Are you sure you are editing the right theme, which is activated?