Getting read time from api call to post

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Is there a way to get the total read time of a post through the Ghost v2 api?

Thanks in advance.


There isn’t no, but there’s plenty of third party packages that can help you with that :)

Here’s one: reading-time - npm

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If you’re using the API in JavaScript, we have a helper that can calculate it for you:

This is the same code used to calculate it in the {{reading_time}} handlebars helper. This code is currently at the SDK level, rather than the API level, because it’s a little intensive. If there’s a lot of request to move it up the the API layer, we can look at doing this in an optimal way.


Ohhh I assumed that it was calculated on post publish/update and stored somewhere. I’ll look into using the helper. Appreciate the quick replies from you and @egg :]

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