Ghost 4.3.3 & Casper 4.0.4 Theme queries

Hi there, Just joined (-: I set up a Ghost 3 with Casper Theme 3.1.2 framework during the winter months without any probs. However, when I wanted to start publishing recently I got the update message & went through the motions. I Very much like the improved membership features & would like to keep things as clean & simple as possible. My site is Tag centred and I used /tag/navigation-item structure before which conveniently resulted in the different tag feature images being used as screen wide header images for each individual tag based primary navigation item. After the update things are quite different & after some digging I notice that the Casper 4.0.4 Theme has changed quite a bit. It looks a lot leaner with various CSS & partial.hbs items removed. When using the tag/navigation-item structure now there’s no longer the tag feature image being displayed as header image & it looks more like a featured post now /-: I was wondering if anybody here is aware of a trick to either have the tag feature images replacing the initial cover image or the cleanest structure to have at least the tag feature images being displayed as screen wide header image again. Previously the feature images where also displayed darker as header but the CSS has changed to the extent where I can’t figure out how to achieve this. Regards, Hans

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