😬 Ghost Custom Integration API Post Created Status -- Not an issue

I have upgraded to the Ghost v2 and I’m exploring the new api webhooks. The first one I tried was the post updated where its properties look ok. Post created’s status seems incorrect. No?


status is draft? Was that intended or it should be “published”?

Hi @SylarRuby :wave: Why do you expect status to be different from draft? What parameters did you send with your POST request?

In case you want to publish a post please follow an example in our docs

Hey! No params. Im using the Custom Integration and I select “Post Created” with a webhook. After I create a new post, in the admin, my webhook gets triggered then I console log req.body.post.

My understanding of draft is that it’s not displayed public.

On the “Post Updated” webhook, I could check for “status === published”. Im looking for “published” when I publish any article :wink:

I strongly believe this is a bug as the url also points to 404:

Hold on now! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

I’m being stupid here :cry:There are “Post created” and “Post published” My sincere apologies. No issues here. Closing.

Haha! No worries :wink: Thought that something obvious is missing and it was :smile:

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