Ghost Docker port mapping issue

I used Ghost being run from a Docker container without any issues and recently I created a Docker image to run it being installed from source.

I can start the latter container and I can see Ghost’s log saying everything is fine, it’s running on http://localhost:2368 but I did not manage to reach the test site (it simply has the default Casper theme) on the host machine.

I checked the Dockerfiles and by now I don’t see what could be the difference that would result in this behavior.

Can anyone give me a clue about what could possibly go wrong if the only significant difference between two dockerized installations is that the one not working is a from-source installation?

Original Dockerfile:

My Dockerfile:

By the moment the from-source version points to an unmodified fork of Ghost 4.2.1

I also checked running curl from inside the container, it loads the page so apparently Ghost is running

Solved myself, if anyone would have a similar issue, the culprit is a default network setting in the sample config files disclosed with the source.