Ghost docs on privacy/cookies/etc?

Hi all, I am working on a privacy policy for my site and trying to find some official docs on what is collected on Ghost Pro websites, from casual browsers to logged-in and paid members and everyone in between. I can’t seem to find anything in the help documentation. Can anyone point me to this information? Thank you!

Hi @katyenka ,

Is it what you are looking for? and

Hi, thanks for the reply! The way I read both of those documents is they are privacy/data collection info for itself, not for sites hosted by Ghost. I assume it’s similar but I also don’t like to assume. :slight_smile:

Ghost itself does not have any trackers or marketing cookies of any kind, you can verify this by visiting in Safari - which is a standard/default install:

The cookie used for member authentication to maintain a logged-in session falls under “strictly necessary” privacy exemptions and does not require any special handling. More info here

Thanks, John!

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