Ghost focused around image content

Hello dear ghosters,

absolutely new to this. Loving what I see so far. I am running a content site around pictures. No … no adult content … in case you are thinking ,-).

Its for an NGO which connects different generations of people. We have a treasure stove of pictures from multiple decades of people interacting with each others.

I am on the lookout for a tool which helps me to maintain that treasure. Members log into the site. Can view pictures. Can comment on them (the person on the right is John, the one in the middle is Joe, this was in Summer 1978, …) and we have the possibility to tag single or multiple pictures and use those tags for grouping. Number of pictures are in the 10k+ range.

Now the ghost related question.

Is ghost a tool which can provide me such a solution … native or … using integrations.

I would appreciate, if you help a noob discover at least the right search terms. I did my homework, but “image” or “gallery” and alike are terms used so widely on this forum and not leading me to any meaningful in the right direction.

Appreciate your help.


Cool idea! Ghost has a robust membership system and just released native comments. Using those together could allow you to post a picture to a post, restrict it to members, and allow members to make comments on the post.

It might be enough, but I think your photo volume and needs might lead you to a different solution that’s more tailor-made to your needs.

Some other software…

  • Flickr groups
  • Omeka

I don’t think these are quite right, but others may have some other ideas :bulb: