Ghost For E-Commerce Site

Does anyone know of an instance where Ghost was used to host an e-commerce platform? I know there are a lot of e-commerce plugins available in the marketplace to use and we can develop a template for that purpose, but has that actually been done before and is it possible?

Ghost is built for publishing content. There are some ecommerce integrations that allow you to embed products for sale from an ecommerce platform on your Ghost publication, so you can share products with your audience.

One way that ecommerce businesses may choose to use Ghost is alongside their ecommerce website. For example, create an online store using Shopify, and run a product blog and newsletter using Ghost.

@ecda909 I’m working on this. Alongside some other developers who far more expertise and experience in full stack web development than I do :grin:


Oh that’s great! Do you have a link to the work? Maybe I can take a look or even help contribute when I have time :)

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This is my (very small, very simple) Ghost site I use to sell digital goods. I got some help with the template, and use a combination of Cloudinary and for fulfillment. If I had more products or needed more features, I’m not sure I would use Ghost, but this self-hosted instance works just fine for me.