Ghost & Mailgun - Using the Mailgun API?

Hey All,

I have Ghost working with Mailgun over SMTP.

I seem to recall when using Mailgun with Wordpress via the Wordpress plugin, this used the API which was more simple to deploy but also I seem to recall it did not reveal my server IP in the email headers, which is something I’d like to avoid to prevent malicious access attempts (I use a CDN/WAF so the real server IP is not in DNS)

I found this article which mentions ‘mailghost’ - however it doesn’t link to it

Does the config generated by the tool send mail via the Mailgun API? By any chance does anyone have a sample config for Mailgun API as opposed to SMTP? Or perhaps an example where you use another node for sending SMTP mail from Ghost and so not revealing the server IP in the process?

I have appropriate cloud firewalling at my provider and filter to the CDN IP’s only, but I would still prefer not to make it easy to find the real IP of the server.