Ghost Multi Language doesn't support in header, footer and others place

Recently I am trying to support ghost multi language in ghost v4. I configure everything what you say in . But still it doesn’t work in header, footer and many places. Is it only for post content? here is my routes.yaml file.

I created private tags for each language. I also use contentFor and block to change the lang attribute, It works but language doesn’t change. The language only changed when I set specific language from the ghost admin dashboard.


ghost is not, maybe just not yet, truly a platform for non-english writers and vistitors. created content can be marked as in a different language and themes can translate parts of ghost, but core features such as members or newsletters, as well as elements not available to theme locales are not multi-language enabled.

a ghost install has only once main language you can chose - which only affects the content. I think for potential new users or non-english speaking users it is important to point this out.


I think you should add this feature as soon as possible. Cause, day by day ghost gaining more popularity . So, its very important for ghost community. Already I solved my problem with custom solution.