Ghost npm module, ContentPath for Storage Adaptors


I’ve got an issue using storage adaptors and ghost ran as an npm module. When I run ghost I get error saying “cant find module”, and its looking for the npm module in my theme directory, rather than in the project root.


Its something to do with the contentPath, but I’m not sure how to fix this. This is my contentpath:

    paths: {
      contentPath: path.join(__dirname, "content")


Hey @graemepaul! Think this github issue and discussion in it could be helpful for your problem :wink: The best way around contentPath issue is using an absolute path for your contentPath config.


Thanks for the replying, absolute path still doesn’t work with the Storage adaptors. I tried to change my absoloute path from

path.join(__dirname, "content") to
contentPath: "/Users/graeme/Sites/helloworld/content/"


Did you try without trailing slash in the end, like: contentPath: "/Users/graeme/Sites/helloworld/content" ?


I tried that aswell, didnt work