Ghost Pro question


2 questions:

  1. With the basic plan, is there a storage limit? If so, how many GB are included?
  2. Do all image uploads get optimized for viewing on the web, or is it only if the theme supports that feature?


  1. I don’t think there’s a storage limit. I want to say the only limits are for staff members and monthly views.
  2. It’s only if the theme supports that feature, but you should be able to customize any theme to integrate with responsive images. Check out this link:


Just so I understand. The images in posts are optimized automatically, but the images for the featured images are not?



I actually don’t think either are automatically optimized unless you’ve got responsive images enabled on the theme you’re using. I’ve generally found that resizing an image’s canvas to about 800x600 is roughly the “magic dimension” for the particular theme I’m using. You may just need to toy with it yourself. Sorry I’m not able to give a very definitive answer.

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