Ghost Restart does not work

ghost restart gives the following error , can someone help me to to fix this

Ghost instance is not running! Starting…

:heavy_multiplication_x: Starting Ghost

A SystemError occurred.

Message: The content folder is not owned by the current user.

Ensure the content folder has correct permissions and try again.


I believe if you run the ghost doctor command it will give you the command you need to run to give your content folder the proper permissions. Once that command has been done, ghost should be able to start.

ghost doctor gives me this message : Error detected in the production configuration.

Message: Config file is not valid JSON

and I have checked my json on jsonlint and it says it is valid . I am not able to understand this and has halted my production site w/o subscriptions . can someone help.

I know this problem i can help in 5 minutes I’m online for the next 13 hours so just drop a mail email me