Ghost + Sendgrid custom integration webhook (adding/deleting member)

I am using the latest version of Ghost.

I am using sendgrid for my transactional emails and not currently sending bulk emails (newsletters etc) from ghost.

Ghost has custom webhooks for adding, updating and deleting a member.

I want to use a webhook in sendgrid to either add a new contact (when a member is added to ghost via signing up) or remove a contact via deleting an account on ghost.

Basically I want to be able to have my sendgrid contact list be the same as my ghost member list so they get added and removed and are in sync.

Any ideas? Thanks

Currently the only way I see is to copy/paste the ghost memberlist over to sendgrid each time I want to send a newsletter from the sendgrid dashboard. is there not a way I can auto add/remove a contact on sendgrid when they sign up on ghost via some integration?

You can do it using Ghost webhooks and the sendgrid API

The sendgrid API allows you to add an email to your list Contacts API - SendGrid Documentation | SendGrid

You can register a webhook for the member.added event that ghost fires when someone signs up. Your endpoint will recieve the user info and use the sendgrid API mentioned above to add the user to the list.

Thanks for the response,
So to get things straight…

Where do I create this web-hook, somewhere on the sendgrid interface?
Where do I find the member.added event or what do I need to copy to use it?

Could you run down a step by step what I need to do if it’s not too much trouble for you?