Ghost Websites Inspiration #33

Hello everyone,

This is issue number 33 of inspiring websites created with Ghost.

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Keegen Knapp

Built with the Ubud theme.

Keegen Knapp

The Indie Filmwriter

Built with the Nubia theme.

The Indie Filmwriter

Dror Poleg

Built with the Ubud theme.

Dror Poleg

Energy vs Climate

Built with the Hue theme.


That’s it for today, and I hope you find these websites inspiring. Feel free to share your website as well.

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Stay safe!


Hi, love your series. Do you have any multi-language page with translated blogs or blogs in multiple languages?

Hey, thanks!

The is the only website I know. They have multi-language pages, which you can switch between from the header navigation.

I would love to see more examples if anyone knows.

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that’s fine, thank you!