Ghost with connection to central MySQL server in Microsoft Azure Cloud with SSL

Due to tightened security, the central MySQL database used by our Ghost instance in Microsoft Azure was switched to SSL enforced with TLS version 1.2.

Unfortunately, the Ghost instance does not seem to be able to connect to the database because the MySQL connection is not configured for SSL.

I have already found the following two posts on this topic, but they are already four years old:
mySQL with SSL over cloud networks - Developer help - Ghost Forum
Configure mysql over tls/ssl - Developer help - Ghost Forum

Have any of you had experience configuring secure MySQL connections in Ghost?

On the one hand, the connection must be switched to TLS. Then the CA certificate from DigiCertGlobalRootCA would have to be suitably added to the connection.

I recommend the MySQL manual section on connection strings. ssl-mode and other options are documented there:

Exactly what you’ll need will depend on the server settings. Look in your Azure MySQL settings for connection string guidance.