Google AMP pages errors

Google search consol has detected some errors related to my AMP pages. My “paperleaf” theme doesn’t have an AMP template.
I noticed that the errors were related to SoundCloud’s Iframes. Below are the errors encountered: The attribute ‘width’ in tag ‘amp-iframe’ is set to the invalid value ‘100%’. (see The attribute ‘frameborder’ in tag ‘amp-iframe’ is set to the invalid value ‘no’. (see

How can I fix these kind of errors? Should I create an AMP template?
You can check for errors in the js console with the address /amp/#development = 1

Thank you !

According to this page :

Iframes of soundcloud should be integrated as the following code:

<amp-soundcloud height=657

Except that I have to load a script to make it works. I tried to load this script with the post injection of ghost in the Header or in the Footer, but it don’t works…

Any idea ?
Thank you

you can see the allowed attribute values here Sanitizing/Removing Iframe attributes properly · Issue #126 · jbhannah/amperize · GitHub

fixing them in the embed iframe will fix the amp as well

I fixed these issues in my site as well

hello, thank you very much !