Google font not working

Hi, I’m just getting started with Ghost and exploring how to customize it. I’m using the Ghost paid version (in trial), not hosting it myself. I was looking around and found a few tutorials on how to add a Google font, but I can’t get it working. Any updates or reason why Google fonts wouldn’t work? I’m using this technique: Ghost Tips & Tricks #6 / Change Casper Theme Fonts Using Google Fonts

And my site is here:

Thanks, Ben

Link your site please

Ok, linked in the original post

Hm, looks like it’s working for me? Are you trying to use Roboto?

I see the style sheet added here:

And the font family on the body is set to Roboto:

Ok, looks like it’s working… i actually wanted a different font than roboto and got that one working. I added an html * css setting for the font and it overrode the items that were left. Thanks