{{#has}} helper not working for {{pagination}}

I want to use {{#has any="prev, next"}} to prevent the {{pagination}} from rendering when there is no prev or next, e.g., a single page, but it never renders when using has.

When I use {{ log prev }} and {{ log next }}, they return 1 and null, as expected if you’re on the first page and there’s more.

According to the docs, the any comparison will return true if any one of the properties is set in the current context, with support for paths and globals.

Am I missing something?


I’ve reviewed all the relaterd docs, linked below. It doesn’t appear you are missing anything. This.

Your logging confirms that these two values are available at the top level of the “context”, and the pagination docs say the same.

The docs for #has describe it working exactly like you’ve used it.

Either there’s a bug, or we are both missing something!


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Thanks for the reply and for confirming that I’m not missing anything! I’ll go ahead and file a bug report.