Having the same layout than in home page in a collection page


I am using casper theme the default one.
But my routing is a bit special as I have no home page which is directed to a collection page.
This is due to the fact I want to preserve the redirect link from another site.

Anyway my problem is that the display is less good than a home as all the post are displayed the same, whereas in the home page, the last article card size is bigger.

I look at casper code Casper/index.hbs at main · TryGhost/Casper · GitHub

For me the index.hbs is used in the home and collection though I am not sure.
So what make this change ? And how to use home layout even if we are not on the home page.

So my blog is Bricks blog (Page 1)
My 2 collection are FR posts and EN post so 2 collections of posts filtered by language