Hiding Invite-Only Tier Posts

Hey Guys
I am a Ghost newbie, but I really like the look and feel of ghost and want to use it for my next blogging project. But there i have some needs regarding memberships which I dont know if and how Ghost could solve them:

I want to have

-Free-Public posts
-Member-Posts (no cost members)
-Premium-Member-Paid posts (subscribed paying members)
-Invite-Only posts

My goal is for the Invite-Only posts to be visible only to those people I grant the tier to. They can’t sign up for the Invite-Only tier.

All the other posts can remain with default visibility, but once an Invite-Only user logs in they will be able to see Public, Paid, plus Invite-Only posts.

How is this best achieved? Can this be done with ghost standard functions? Especially the not showing at all of invite-only posts?

Do i need a special theme to achieve this?

I’m looking forward for Ideas and any help!

Best Regards!

You are going to need to edit the theme, yes, but you shouldn’t need to do more than that. Or use a theme that only shows people the posts they have access to already (there are some, although most show them all and then paywall the ones without access).

You’re going to need to play with the portal settings to not offer the invite-only tier for sign-ups. Archiving it is another possibility. You may need to play with it a bit.