Home network and ghost install

I’ve got a fully functioning, newly set up (bit of a struggle) Ghost install on a small box I use at home for tinkering about. So when I went through the set up I just defaulted to localhost as the host. I can get to thew webpage to set it up on the machine (localhost:2368/ghost) but am unable to see it via any other machine on the network (has nginx with a landing page for most things using ports). Do I need to add a new nginx map or is there a different change I need to make? (simple I hope!) Thanks in advance.

Localhost means local to the box you are installing it on, not local in terms of the wider network. In order to have it visible across your home network, you need to configure it for that purpose.

Thanks. I follow the general idea as I’ve had other sites (been a while) as localhost on the box they are set up on but could use the name of the box from other PCs to access it. Not having the same level of success here (but they were all apache and not nginx).