Homepage with custom block of text

I’ve been reading this docs and maybe I’m not grasping it the right way but there are pages and custom templates. But what I want is a page that is situated at the root level / so when you go to www.hello.com, you see it. You can edit it as a page and see the rest of the homepage.

It’s not a “post” in the sense that it’s a homepage so the html and layout will be different.

I think its the routes.yml that’s fudging this up but would anyone have any help to give?

Hello! I did this.

The file you should be editing is index.hbs for the homepage. In that page, you retrieve the data from one page you want explicitly, and format it however you like. I thought a clean way would be to send it to another hbs file that formats it in the way I wanted to.

Like in my index.hbs I have this code:

{{#get "pages" slug="about" as |post|}}
        {{> "post-card-reversed"}}

I used that to make a little “about” section on my homepage. I just copied the post-card hbs and css, and reversed it, because that’s the way I always do code… copying and slightly modifying.