Horizontal line in post

Hi guys, how can I make a horizontal gray line like that of this post in Casper

Thanks for your help!

I think you are looking for the “Divider” card:

The Divider card does that for you.

If it’s not giving you the style you’re looking for, you can create your own snippet based on a HTML card.

Here’s the CSS for the code injection:

hr.gray {
  border: 2px solid #eee;
  border-radius: 3px;

HTML card of which you create a snippet:

<hr class="gray">

That’s it. Play around with the CSS to match what you need. Best of luck!

Hey @thebear.dev - potentially stupid question… but what CSS code do I need to shorten the space before and after the divider line? It’s really tall right now on my theme.

You should be able to use max-width for that.

Sweet. Thank you!!!

thank u for all your amazing help & knowledge!