How can I achieve the following using Dynamic URLs / routing?

Rather than my Ghost site’s default view being a list of blog posts, I’ve created a page (stored at that I’d like people who navigate to my base domain to be redirected to.

Similarly, I have a couple other pages that I’d like to store in custom slugs. For example, I have a “” page that I’d like to store under “”, and so on.

What would be the best way to accomplish this?

I think I would use redirects here. You could redirect from /index to your root path and /charts to /data/charts/.

I initially tried adding something like this to my redirects file:

    /: /index
    /chart: /data/charts

However, after configuring, visiting redirected me to and kept redirecting. The same thing happened w/ the data/charts.

Is there a different way to tell Ghost - when someone wants to access this page, send them here instead?

In your redirect, you need to add some regex (pattern matching) to avoid the duplication.

Try this:

  ^\/$: /index/

Does that work?