How can i migrate muys istes faely form wordpress to Ghost CMS?

I am a WordPress cms user since 2016 currently I am very disappointed with their new Gutenberg Text editor.
I am really frustrated with its loaded backend I want a faster Text editor with light backend to work efficiently, currently, WordPress is destroying the productivity of me.
I have 2 sites on WordPress i have spent almost my whole year to establish those site, I want to migrate them to the ghost CMS please suggest me a safe to way to dot it, i don’t want to lose the structure and data of my websites and most important ranking of my websites because they are getting 20 new users per day…
I have build both sites with GP premium theme without using any page builder, both sites loaded with lots of graphics and CSS to enhance the user experience.
My sites: CrassulaCare & Paintballmaskarena.

NOTE: both sites ahs lots of plugins as well