How do I create a free Ghost blog on Netlify?


I’m using ghost for free thanks to Digital Press but it seems the way to go is:

  • create content with Ghost,
  • source the content to a Gatsby static site,
  • use GitHub for versioning,
  • and finally Netlify for hosting.

I read several tutorials and spent the past 3 days trying to make this work. I need something simple to focus on writing and have a blazing fast website. And I need a tutorial that make things work in one day max. I’m also open to Skype sessions.

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1. Ghost Deploy

Deploy Ghost with in 1 Click on a hosting platform such as Heroku or any other. Heroku gives a reasonable free tier.

  1. Use Gatsby Starter for Static Generated Ghost Blog

3. Update Credentials

    "apiUrl": "",
    "contentApiKey": "9cc5c67c358edfdd81455149d0"

4. Deploy the Gatsby Site on Netlify

5. Add a Netlify Hook to update Gatsby on every Ghost CMS Update.

5 Simple Steps

If you want, i can build this for you in 2 days max, for a resonable price.

Hello @damr67, I’d be interested in discussing setting up a Ghost blog on Netlify, please let me know how I can contact you, thanks


Well great post.