How do i delete pages that dont show up in navigation or posts/pages?

So I ran a site audit for my website on semrush and I got 2 errors saying that two pages returned 4XX status code. I clicked on the two links and and of course, I get a 404 error. So I go into my ghost editor and tried looking around navigation, my posts, and pages but I couldn’t find anything relating to these two pages. I tried looking up how to delete pages but the only help I got was how to delete pages on navigation, posts, and pages. Can anyone help me out? I didn’t even make these pages and I would like to get my site health back up since these are my only 2 errors.

I’ll guess that you deleted the default ''coming soon" post that Ghost creates when you install it, and probably also some tag called bestproducts (or renamed it) at some point.

It’s possible that a crawler crawled your site while those pages existed, so now it’s getting 404s. It’s also possible that you still have a link to them somewhere on your site, or someone else links to them.

It’s likely that whatever crawler will visit your site again and see that those links are still gone, no action needed on your part. (You can’t delete a page that doesn’t exist.)

If you’re getting a 404 for a page that used to exist and for which it makes sense to redirect traffic (because other sites link to it or it’s been there for a long time and search engines have indexed it), you can create and upload a redirects.yaml file and upload it to Ghost under Settings > Labs.

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