How do you get a click without an open?

Well this is a bit odd. How do we explain these numbers?

The opens are tracked with a “pixel” – basically a small image. When that is loaded from the server, an email counts as opened.

The clicks are tracked by well, clicking on them. If you inspect your emails, you will see that the links never go directly to where you’ve linked them, but Ghost proxies them to catch these link clicks.

So, the latter is pretty accurate. The opens however…mehh. If I don’t allow my email client to load images from your email, the open won’t be tracked. Some email clients also filter these tracking pixels out specifically.

Personally, I love this development and have this setting on in all my email clients – because I love not being tracked. There are better metrics for successful email sending.

(Also, some weird things I noticed: some email providers also pre-load images through proxy servers. And whoops…you have another open. Yet the subscriber never actually opened the email :upside_down_face: )

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And some email providers follow links, too! Analytics for email is a mess! :)

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