How do you upload & link a Downloadable File

Hi everyone. I’m new here and a pretty basic user of Ghost. I don’t really know much about html coding apart from the occasional copy-paste to create a button or something.

My question: I’ve read on a few posts in this forum , that its possible to upload a downloadable PDF into your Ghost site, within a blog post . I see people talking about File cards, etc, but nowhere have I found instructions on how to do this.

I am pressing the plus icon on the left, then looking in the little dropdown menu, but nowhere do I see a button referencing File uploads.

GHost has an info page on ‘File uploads’ - File uploads ( WITH NO INSTRUCTIONS on how to do it! haha. Frustrated.

Can anyone help? It seems such a basic feature, I don’t know why I can’t see an option anywhere to do this.

Hi! Editor cards refer to the different ways you can enter rich media when writing a post.

Access it by clicking the plus sign or hitting / on the keyboard.

One of those cards is File, which allows you to upload files for download.

More here: Editor cards

Okay thank you. So I now know that my interface is different to yours, I don’t have those icons in my dropdown list.
Does this mean my workplace is using an old version or something? Is this a simple matter of getting our tech support to update our Ghost?
Heres what I see

Yep! It’s an older version, but the File card might still be on the list, depending on the version.

Thanks for your help.

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