How to call the article to a open in my html when tey click read more

I have already pulled the articles in the card form and they show up in my blog.html but when i click read more of the article it redirects to ghost how do I make it open the article in HTML without going back to ghost to read a full article?

Not sure exactly what you’re asking about here. Can you share a bit more info on what you’re trying to do?

So let me explain what I have done, I have been to pull the article but I have created cards for them but when I want to read the whole article it refers back to ghost which i dont want I want to be able to pull the article to my html and the reader is able to stay on my website without leaving

I’m still confused. Those cards are on a Ghost site, or where?

Am pulling them from Ghost to my HTML using the following refer to screen shoots, That is how am able to get them cards to my magazine.html. now my problem is when i click read more of the article it opens in ghost but i want it to open on my website not redirect to ghost ghost

What’s an example URL for a post on your website? You’d need to transform post.url to fit that.

If you don’t yet have those posts on your website, then you’d need to set up some kind of build process to transform each post into a separate HTML doc.

that button.href = post.url is your problem. You’ll want to do your URL rewriting right there.

Perhaps when the user clicks that button, they’re directed to another page that runs another api call and grabs the specific post they want. Or perhaps clicking the button reveals the post in a modal on that page. Both very doable. You’ve got the post ID available in that first api call, so you can use it for a .read in the second one.

so we have it working on the website that is built using next.js Monetix Magazine – Investment Information, Advice & News but am redoing the site using Bootstrap but I want the blogs to behave the same way they are on the current website

Monetix Magazine – Investment Information, Advice & News In shot i want it to work the way it works here the difference is this was build with next and am doing bootstrap

I have no clue how to do that :sob: :sweat:

@Cathy_Sarisky This is exactly what I want to do

Next JS and Bootstrap aren’t interchangeable. Next JS is a React framework for building complex websites, but Bootstrap is a UI library.

You won’t be able to accomplish the same functionality that you’re looking for with Bootstrap.