How to - Casper - Pin to top, Dates, Custom Sections

I’m running the latest version of Ghost
A link to my website on Ghost: Ghost Admin
I’m working on it online 100%
Browsers: I use Chrome, Vivaldi, and Safari

Hi, everyone here on Ghost. This is my first post here. I’m using Casper, the default theme. I wanted to reach out to this great community, and because I don’t have the ‘code-vocabulary’, I hope you forgive me the naive questions - I’d REALLY APPRECIATE, if anyone could help me with the following issues.

I’m a filmmaker, film-teacher. My content is based on the full cycle of filmmaking. Both my own films and educational material that I’m paying forward.

A link to my website on Ghost: Ghost Admin

So, I like the Casper layout. But I’d really love to be able to:

1-A) Pin a section (not a link to a post) at the top: This section would be an image and text with one clickable link. (i.e. “See my latest film course”) - is this possible?

1-B) I’d also like to place a section between posts when people scroll down (i.e. a windscreen image with a link to free screenwriting resources - a link that points to another section on the site)

  1. I’ve been able to hide ‘author’ from my posts (they are all mine, so it’ll get visually redundant to see my name everywhere.)

  2. However, I’ve not been able to ‘hide’ dates - this is a ‘make-or-break’ decision to keep using Ghost - a lot of my material is not-time sensitive - and I don’t want to material to be overlooked, just because it’s old.

Apologies for the long email, I really appreciate everything about Ghost and wanted to write all this down, just to see if it’s possible at this stage.

My very best to You all from Iceland,
Olaf de Fleur