How to create custom footer?

I’m guessing I need to create a file in the partials folder that will override the {{ghost_foot}} helper.
I tried to name the file ghost_foot.hbs, footer.hbs, ghost-foot.hbs and some other things.
Unfortunately this didn’t work.

So I tried to create my own partial and replace {{ghost_foot}} in default.hbs with {{> “footer”}}.
Weirdly enough when replacing / removing this helper, the default footer is still there and so is the new footer, so that’s not working either.

Couldn’t find it in the docs, any help would be appreciated! :)

{{ghost_foot}} is not the footer. It’s where scripts are injected that are set in Code Injection → Site footer.

To update a theme’s footer, there’s no single rule because it’s up to the theme developer. You’ll just need to look for the markup that matches what’s on the page. Generally, though, you can look for <footer>. It’s also often in the default.hbs file.

Here’s where it is in Casper: Casper/default.hbs at a007415d8909bf0acf8fdab20747611e1f0cb333 · TryGhost/Casper · GitHub

My bad, I’m definitely blind and stupid.
I found the footer indeed.

Thanks and sorry for the stupid question!

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