How to create customizable bar beneath nav bar for trending topics?

Hello! I’m using the Headline theme and am not a coder. I’m wondering how easy it is to design a trending topics bar that would live just below the nav bar and is easy to customize to feature different stories or projects.

Sfist (running on Ghost) has one:

It’s a pretty common feature on news websites. I’m not sure if it has a technical name. Here’s another example.

Anyone have ideas for this? Seems like it should be pretty easy… (I wasn’t sure whether to drop this here or in the Themes section of the forum.)

It could be either be static HTML or something dynamic.

  • For a static solution, someone is manually updating some HTML in a theme-file each time you want it to change. This requires knowing HTML.
  • Another option would be to update the theme pull in the headline and/or body of a specific post there that’s otherwise hidden from the from the rest of the site. This requires understanding the templating and Content API some and modifying the theme to hide posts with a particular tag.
  • Finally, there’s a fully dynamic solution, where the site is automatically changing the content on its own, perhaps using recently tagged posts or even how many views a story is getting using a third party Analytics service. The difficulty and skills required here depend on the details.
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I think I’d be aiming for B because I’d want to change it - maybe daily - based on editorial judgment.

The Ghost project has collected some qualified freelancers and agencies if you want some help: Ghost Experts

Thanks ! I’m certain I will be tapping someone to bring my site home. :)