How to customize Cards

I’d like to customize the look of the Cards in my custom Ghost theme by re-writing the HTML/HBS code for them.

For example, to customize the CTA card, I can add a “partials/content-cta.hbs” file to my theme with my own HBS code. This is mentioned here in the documentation.

However, for the other cards (documented here as well as those in the 12 days of Cardmas from last year), I’m unable to find the HBS source code and the name of the HBS file to include in my partials, in order to customize them in the same way.

Is it not possible to customize all the cards in the same way as the CTA card, with a drop-in replacement of a HBS file? If not, how are these cards created and how might they be customized?

The CTA isn’t a card as it’s part of the theme and not something that’s added via the editor.

Cards used in the editor aren’t customisable outside of styling them via CSS because their output is fixed and rendered to html from the post content when posts are saved.