How to customize number of posts per row on homepage?

My URL is, and I’m trying to make the posts look like the posts on Casper’s demo page. I want to be able to show two/three posts per row, instead of whatever order it is showing now.

I’m using Ghost 3.3.0, I don’t know where to look for an answer.

Hi @sddhrthrt, welcome to the forums. :slightly_smiling_face: You’ll need to modify your theme’s CSS to change the number of columns, but yours already matches the multi-column layout of Casper. If you add more posts, you should see the layout respond accordingly. When there’s only a couple of posts, the columns expand to fill the remaining space in that row.

Just so you know @sddhrthrt, as you add more posts it will start looking more like the layout on the Casper demo
The code in Casper uses the number of posts to figure out a preferred layout. When you’ve added 7 posts or more you’ll see how it changes. Thought I’d mention before you start changing the theme code :slight_smile:

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Interesting! Thanks for letting me know, I’m gonna dive into the theme soon.

Great software, this Ghost. I love it. THank you.

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The official themes from Ghost have the source code nicely commented. I’m learning a lot just by going through the code in the theme file + the official developer docs.

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