How to display page views?

I need to display page views on each display. I have already integrated the Google Analytics to my site, but only I can see those results. I want to show the views to my blog readers.

Did anyone has successfully implemented this to your blog? :cry:

like a hi stats?

if u want to display a statistic? You can display it as you wish, it’s just that you need to edit the current theme file .hbs .

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I’m asking how to extract data fron Google analytics and display them under each post.

You would probably need to use the Google Analaytics API, but it would involve quite a bit of work. @ehkoqtau idea is probably better though and you can check out to see if that works for you. As he says though, you’ll need to download the theme you’re using and place it somewhere into the post.hbs file.


How to use Google Analytics API to extract data and display.

It looks like you can see it here, and in my opinion for analytic fire you are recommended to make it on the server side.

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thanks @MichaelBrooks, because I think to make a display using the Google analytic API it has to work a little harder, and I think the data that we share with visitors or members is like how many visit our website. and I think recommending to use widgets like histats