How to download theme

Docs tell me to got to Settings → Design. I do. But from there, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to download the theme so I can change the image at the top of the landing page.

Please advise.



Here’s a guide on downloading a theme →

But you might be able to change the image directly from Ghost Admin. Are you able to share your site? Or what theme you’re using?

Hi Again,

I don’t see the Advanced button.

I’m using the Atilla-40 theme.

Happy to share the site, but how?

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Ah, share the site— I misunderstood. Thought you meant source.

The URL is

The site not officially public. Among other things, I need to replace the green landing page image. I have the image, but need to download the template so I can replace it, then reload the template.

I’ve been relying on a consultant to help build the site, but it’s clear that I need to how to maintain it myself.

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OK. Let us know if you need more help :smile:

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for asking.

I misread your first response, but sent several replies to correct. Here’s where I stand:

  1. I still don’t know how to download the Atilla theme so I can replace the title image on the landing page.
  2. The doc page you directed me to references an Advanced button, but I don’t see an Advanced button anywhere on the Settings/Design page
  3. You can see the image I want to replace at

Ryan, I don’t like to complain without constructive feedback. But at this point, I’m finding so many issues with the post editor and admin UI that I don’t feel confident that I can support my site. So please contact me outside the forum so we can discuss. I have developed over 100 educational/consumer software products for every age ranging from preschool to adult, as well as a major conference management web application for IT professionals. In every case, intuitive UI was essential. I can work with your doc writers and admin front-end developers to resolve the issues and, maybe, put up a bounty.

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Are you maybe on a Ghost Pro starter plan? That’s limited in functionality regarding themes…

To change your image, you likely don’t need to download your theme.

Try going to SettingsDesignBrand.

Change the Publication cover to whichever image you want. Click Save and refresh your site to see the change.

In terms of the UI/editor, please check out our help docs for an overview:

We’re always looking to improve, so please message me or make another post if you have feedback you’d like to share.

Thanks Ryan,

I do think that Ghost has much to offer and much appreciate that it’s open source with non-profit support. As noted earlier, my experience so far with the editor and some of the docs have been less than positive–perhaps because I hired a consultant to help and didn’t devote enough time to the project. My consultant has generally been excellent, but ultimately I need to take responsibility for my site.

Since I need to learn how to support my site, I’ll take it from the top as though I know nothing about Ghost and point out issues that prevent me as a naive user from successfully bringing up and maintaining my blog/newsletter.

This will take some time. If resolving UI issues requires software revision I may be willing to provide modest financial contribution.

Best wishes,


Hi Ryan,

Please take this as the first post of a constructive run through of Ghost documentation by one who believes in Ghost’s intent. My hope is that issues that have frustrated me can be resolved so that others can adopt Ghost with less angst and irritation.

This critique will take some time over several posts. There well may be better solutions to the issues than my suggestions. But I do have much experience with software development so, if I’m confused or frustrated at any point while striving to bring up and maintain a Ghost site, then it’s likely that others experience the same.

I’m approaching Ghost now as a no-nothing newbie interested in launching a blog/newsletter. My time is valuable, I’m inpatient, so first impressions determine whether I adopt Ghost or move on.

Ghost website:

— Many enticing promises. I’m psyched.

Site top menu


— More promises to user prospect segments. Okay

— For Developers…

Ah, Getting Started with Ghost. But this is confusing. I thought we were talking about product. And it’s not clear whether developers mentioned here are naive users sold by previous promises and eager to create a blog/newsletter or technically adept software developers interested helping advance Ghost as an open-source software offering. Seems to me that this should be clarified and the page should be moved up to the main navigation menu.


I haven’t the foggiest idea of what to do with this page. It feels unfinished.


Okay. But order of links seem rather illogical. By this point I want to get on with experiencing the wonderful promises of Ghost. But right away you lead me off to a marketplace for things that I don’t yet understand nor think that I need. Seems to me that the order should be:

Start here — should provide high-level orientation and roadmap for what I need to do to bring up my Ghost site

Themes — what are they and why do I need them?

Integrations — What are they why do I need them?

Feels like I’m missing something here—a step-by-step how-to so I can experience the elation of seeing my site online?

I’ll drop into the remaining links in my next post. But here’s a suggested sequence:

Help center



Product updates

About us

Note: I have no intention of starting food fights here. Ghost deserves world-class docs. The time I’m putting into this is a small step toward that goal.


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Part 1 — Building

— Ghost/docs/resources/ How to set up your Ghost publication

Fails to load on my iPad. May be temporary. I’ll circle back.

— Ghost/docs/resources/ How to publish your first post

“Ghost comes with a best-in-class editor which does its very best to get out of the way and let you focus on your content. Don’t let its minimal looks fool you, though. Beneath the surface lies a powerful editing toolset designed to accommodate the extensive needs of modern creators.”

This is not at all my experience. I spent near 30 minutes the other day trying to paste draft post in the editor—and failed. It’s not like any other text editor or word processor that I’ve worked with over many years.

I have several posts to add to my site so I’ll try again and report my experience in more detail.

The cards concept is interesting, maybe even clever, but it really confused me as to purpose and use. More explanation on the editor itself might help.

— Ghost/docs/resources/ Building your audience…

Looks fine. Won’t know until I try it under fire

— Ghost/docs/resources/Sending email…


— Ghost/docs/resources/How to sell…

Interesting, but feels more aspirational than solid how-to advice.

By this point, I’ve encountered many links taking me hither and yon. Recall, I just want to bring up my site and the sooner I experience success the happier I’ll be. So, two things to think about:

  1. How to give the naive user a simple diagram or flowchart that illustrates up-front decisions necessary to achieve her goals for the site and to bring up her site as efficiently possible.
  2. Explicit how-to steps to bring up and launch the site

It feels like, to this point, there have been many promises and aspirational statements presented in a maze of links, but I still don’t explicitly what I need to DO to see a first cut of my site live in a browser.

Hmm… Ghost/docs/resources/ How to set up your Ghost publication still fails to load.

Will look into Part 2 Publishing in next post.


Thanks for all the feedback, which I’ll share with the team.

Thanks, Ryan,

I’m happy to help in any way I can within my time constraints and, even, contribute some bounty money. But, as it stands, I’m very close to shutting down my Ghost project despite several weeks of study and effort, including work of two paid consultants.

Ghost offers many attractive features. But, in my opinion, the docs need fundamental restructuring and editing.

I would suggest two things:

  1. Recruit a panel of totally naive users. Give each user specs for a blog and/or newsletter. Select the specs from across the spectrum of blogs and newsletters seen on the web. Then, carefully record every question and stumbling block that comes up. Finally, restructure and edit all docs accordingly.

  2. Encourage more text-centric themes. All the eye-candy imagery looks great, but where are bloggers going to get all the photos? Buy them on Shutterfly at considerable expense?

Do understand, Ryan, that I wouldn’t spend a minute raising issues if I didn’t think Ghost was worth it. But, as of now, Ghost is not working for me.

All the best,