How to get a link from {{navigation}} helper?

I am developing a new theme and I need to access a link from the list of navigation links. For example, I have a “Articles”, “News”, “Notes”, “About” links in my navigation list.

In my index.hbs, I don’t want the entire navigation list. I want to access one of the links in my navigation list. I can make it a hard link in index.hbs but is there a dynamic way to access or filter links in {{navigation}} helper?

Reading through the docs, it mentions that I can use {{has}{{/has}} but it gives me an error.

{{#foreach navigation}}
    {{has slug="news"}}
        <a href="{{url absolute="true"}}">{{label}}</a>

Also, {{navigation}} points to partials/navigation.hbs. So, I modified it but I am still getting an error when I use the {{has}} block. The docs say that I can use {{has}} inside {{foreach navigation}}.