How to get number / index of current post (post.hbs)

I have another question about how to do something that should be simple, but which I haven’t figured out how to do in post.hbs :slight_smile:

I’d like to get the number of the current post, in the post context / post.hbs. (So I can use " Post #123").

In a foreach loop, you have access to {{@index}}, {{@number}}, etc. I just haven’t found an elegant way to get access to the same information in the plain-old post.hbs. I tried various variations of get posts > foreach posts > has id = current id > output #, but I didn’t find a way to access the id of the current post within get, in order to get the # of of the post with the same id.

Thanks for your help!

Ghost only loads a single post to render post.hbs. Therefore there is no such concept.

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@Hannah Is there any way to do it using a GET request?