How to import RSS feeds and display in Ghost

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I copy and past the exact previous question because I have the same question and for me it wasn’t explain well.

ref: How to import RSS feeds and display in Ghost? - #3 by acim

So I curate a bunch of RSS feeds and redirect them under another RSS feeds.
I would like to use the rss feeds results of my process and post these articles under Ghost.
Presently I do it with WordPress and WP RSS Aggregator

The task is around a 100 posts per day

So How could I make this happen with Ghost ?

Basically, you want to migrate everything from your collection of RSS feeds into Ghost?

I do not believe that is currently possible, officially or unofficially, at least not from an RSS feed:

I don’t want to migrate and/or import
I want the article from the RSS being post in ghost as an article

Like a standalone post or something you can embed in a post (e.g., RSS to HTML)?

Something like a sidebar?

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like I found my awnser and unfortunately you haven’t read what I wrote.


My apologies. I read it… I was just trying to understand. My bad.

I would like to include RSS feeds in a sidebar. Do you have suggestions for where to look?

Any JavaScript that does this will work.